Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Final Weekend

Hello! How was your weekend? Mine was full of last weekend adventures.

Friday, March 9th: Allie's friend Kevin came to visit all the way from Atlanta. He wanted steak and Allie wanted margaritas so we went to the Dallas BBQ in the East Village. Definitely not a New York style restaurant but a good place to get steak and Texas-sized margaritas if that's your thing. A disastrous thing happened when my phone got wet in the bathroom. But with the healing power of rice my phone came back to life. (Since my phone was dead I don't have many photos from Friday and Saturday.) As I mentioned, Lizz and Emily were in town so they stopped by to see us and our apartment. After they took off, we went to our favorite bar The Horsebox for some beer and boardgames. Allie also introduced us to the best place for dancing; The Blind Pig. Not trashy, crowded, or creepy, they play old and new hits and have space for busting a move. It was a great night!

Saturday, March 10th: I finally got my hair cut. It is now a warm dark chocolate that extends a few inches past my shoulders. The layers in my new 'do give me instant body that is much more flattering than my old long, blunt cut. I love it!

 before / after

Emily and I met Lizz by the Alice in Wonderland statue in Central Park. We played around on the statue before meeting up with Emily Farison. We really wanted to try the macaroons from Lauderee (and compare them to Mille Feuille) so we waited in line for half an hour. Lauderee is supposed to be the real deal because the cookies are imported from Paris. We'd already tried the slightly cheaper version from MF so we were skeptical. Lauderee definitely has hype because the line only got longer as the afternoon progressed. French-speaking girls take your order and snootily hand you a pouch unless you spend the extra $8 for a box. The flavors are creative but In my opinion they charge too much for a cold experience. I think we'll stick to Mille Feuille in the future.

 Central Park / macaroon pyramids

Emily and Lizz hadn't eaten lunch so we picked up some late burgers and cheese fries from the Shack Shack. Cheese on fries always makes a meal excellent. The girls also had some gift shopping to do so we took them to Alphabets, Lancelotti, Sustainable NYC in the ast Village. The Bearcats were in the Big East Conference Championship at Madison Square Garden but we couln't afford tickets so we watched the game at the girls' hotel.

Sunday, March 11th: We took the girls to Hillsong NYC and bagels before they left New York. Emily and I then met up with Amy for her eye appointment with Warby Parker at Bird in Williamsburg. We love Williamsburg so we spent most of the afternoon exploring places like A Thousand Picnics and Rabbits. My favorite shop was Sprout Home where I bought a baby cactus! Hopefully I won't kill it. We also finally got brunch at Pies n' Thighs. They're famous for their chicken and waffles as well as homemade donuts.

Brooklyn typography / Amy looking fabulous in the sun /
tree sweater / pot sweater / sweater pot

Monday, March 12th: My co-workers treated me to bowling at Frames in honor of my last week of work. We got drinks and appetizers and required a dance move before each bowl. It was really fun to hangout with everyone outside of work and get a little competitive. Also watched The Bachelor finale with the roommates. Utterly confusing, did Courtney really change??

stylish bowling shoes

Sorry for the long gaps between posts! I have an exciting adventure coming up for Spring Break that I will tell you all about to make up for it.

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