Sunday, July 7, 2013

A Mess of Moments

Every once and a while I write something about how my life is changing at the speed of light and I can hardly keep up. When I post these dramatic life summaries, it's always with the mindset that things will calm down soon. Cut to 1.5 years after moving to NYC (the start of it all) and my life is just as unpredictable as it became then.

Since some of the choices I'm facing right now involve other people, I can't go into detail about the latest twists and turns in this epic saga. The good news is that as my vision becomes blurrier and my heart hurts a little more each day, the Joy of the Lord has never left my side. I see God's plan for his Kingdom more when I understand his plan for my own life less. I love the broken more fiercely when I'm feeling the sting of disappointment and rejection in my own heart. And I appreciate each ray of sunshine and wave I get to behold in Michigan as I anticipate the next life change, wherever it may be.

If your confused (because I sure am!) maybe this will help to explain my current state of mind.

We're just a mess of moments
That's adding up to where we are
And you're the frame and focus
That's making sense of it so far
I'm not depressed or hopeless
I'm only walking in a blur
And you're the frame and focus
I'm the scene, you're the director