Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Let's Go to Mall! Wait...

Shopping here in NYC has been an interesting experience. You already heard a little about how painful getting groceries is. However, shopping for clothes is a new and totally addicting thing.

First of all, if you live in Manhattan, your all favorite stores are just around the corner. I've already been to two different Forever21's and seen about three Anthropologie's. They also have high-end stores like Zara, Madewell, and Uniqlo here. We all know that I love to shop but I have actually done a really good job in the past few months in preparation for this trip. Now I live in Shopping Central.

Secondly, if you want to go to a shopping mall...well why would you? They have "malls" in the city but those are mostly for tourists. If you're a hard-core shopper you just pick a district (SoHo, Union Square, Flatiron, etc.) and hit up all the individual stores there. The thing I still can't get over strip-mall style stores in the city. Who ever expected to see Kmart and Best Buy crammed into a skyscraper? For all the city-goers' suburban needs I guess. It's weird.

On Wednesday Lynn forwarded me an email about a sample sale that day. A sample sale is when a designer lowers prices on their sample pieces from their past collection to make room for new designs. I first learned about these magical events when I watched Confessions of a Shopaholic. Since going to a sample sale was on my NYTD (New York To Do) list, I knew I had to go.

Now, it was nothing like the scene from the movie; there was no screaming and pushing and the most recognizable designers being sold were Charlotte Ronson and Free People. Secondly, it was held in this shady 2nd floor showroom that was pretty dingy. But there were tons of clothes to go through and most of them seemed good quality. The deal was 75% on marked merchandise. The catch was that most of the merchandise originally cost $500. That's still $125 for a designer cotton tee which way out of my budget. But there were some pieces that were in the $10-$50 range. I finally settled on a metallic purple skirt (see Friday's post) that was a little pricy but something I was sure to wear a lot. I wasn't sure how many of these things I would be going to so I thought it would be worth it to buy one thing that I could say I got at a sample sale in New York.

But on Thursday my coworker, Chaz, forwarded me two emails about sales and today I got another one. I may have to be more careful and not run off to every sale I hear of. However, I do have a few things find before I leave the city:

New Bag
Watch, this is pretty close
Black Booties like this
Statement Rings
More Boots like this
Voluminous Scarves
The Perfect Pair of Colored Jeans

 mini version of my coat at Zara


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