Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Lazy Weekend

I have very little to report was a pretty lazy weekend. Besides catching up on TV shows and reading I ate a lot. And no one is going to make me feel guilty about it because I have a pretty busy few weeks ahead.

Feb 24th: Amy, Emily, and I treated ourselves to organic burgers and milkshakes at BareBurger after work on Friday. We all had bad days throughout the week so it was nice to get out because our previous solution had been self-medication with wine. We also visited some adorable designer puppies at a petshop on the way. We played with a poodle-chihuahua combination that was basically a head stuck on a puppy rump with too much energy. She liked the taste of my boots—lucky me that I'm poor and they aren't real leather. But she was darling all the same and cried when we had to leave. Gosh I need a dog! But it wouldn't be fair.

 The Rancher (or something like that) / unnamed Poo-Chi at the pet store

Feb 25th: Aaron was back in town so on Saturday we went out to unlimited Australian brunch at the Sunburnt Cow with him and Tyler. This accomplished a major NYTD goal because we had been trying to go for weeks. We were getting really annoyed that the eight girls next to us got free shots with their check until we realized we all get them. Even if you hate straight shots, Lemondrops are pretty tasty.

 sign / interior back room / brunch menu /
crab cakes and poached eggs

Amy invited me out to dinner with Erin and friends so I got experience the festive atmosphere of Milon. Every inch of the inside is covered with rainbow lights and chili peppers. They also hit a special party button when it's time for your check to come and an Indian version of happy birthday plays while the lights flash. It happened at least six times while we were there. We got tiny bowls of ice cream with the check too! So many bonus things :)

 crazy lights inside

Feb 26th: On Sunday, we had an Oscar viewing party with our studiomates Robin, Nick, and Michelle (who are on the West Coast and Cincinnati) via group texting. With the help of some Oscar Bingo cards we competed for free dinner. Unfortunately, I didn't get the first bingo :( But it was great to talk to them and comment on the award show! My plan is to actually see The Artist or The Descendents this weekend.

 filling out my bingo card

I have a surprise visitor to announce tomorrow! I know you all are just holding your breath. Well, you'd really better be.

Ps. I'm so glad my roommate Allie is back from Cincinnati. It felt very empty with the three of us during the week she was gone. Yay Allie!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Dress Code

Wore this on Friday. When Emily complemented on my print mixing (pinstripes and pixels) I realized I hadn't even considered that I was wearing two patterns. I guess when you become comfortable with a piece it turns into a neutral. One of my comfort zones is boots, socks, tights, and short skirt. I definitely fell back into that with this outfit. But on a new note I've been trying more creative things with my hair in an effort to wear less ponytails.

UO shirt / PacSun skirt / H&M sweater tights /
Target socks / F21 boots / misc. bracelets

Friday, February 24, 2012

Color Cravings: Fluoro Fascination

{I'm starting a third department for my blog called Color Cravings. My best friend Christie and I always had a favorite color of the season (sea foam green, heather grey, cobalt, mustard, or lilac) back in high school and I think I still subconsciously select a favorite color every month or so. This color usually influences what I buy or wear and occasionally turns into an obsession. Enjoy!}

I really need a new bag. Mine is wearing out and never manages to stay balanced on my shoulder. That's why when I saw the Cambridge Satchel Company's fluoro all over New York, I knew I was in love. Unfortunately, the bags are made in the United Kingdom and so a bit pricier than I would like to pay. But this started my giant search for the perfect neon bag. My search criteria was pink or orange, a satchel-style bag, and big enough to hold my laptop. I would use any of the bags below but most of them are lacking one of my requirements. I don't know kids, should I shell out for a Cambridge Satchel? I just might die if I don't own a florescent bag soon.

Old Navy $15 / Bershka $16 / Old Navy $18 / Target $20
 Accessorize $45 / Asos $63 / Bloomingdale's $139 / Claire Vivier $145

If I was an heiress the Margot Tote by Yadouga would be a no-brainer. It's got a neon element but the brown leather keeps it refined and classy for long-term, everyday use. It's also huge and I could carry it several ways. I'm sure the construction and quality of the bag would last me a lifetime but there's no way I could ever afford it on my college kid income. Oh well, a girl can dream. Dear Yadouga, please never stop making this bag! My new life goal is to save enough pennies to buy it one day.

What do you think, which bag should I choose? Did I miss any good ones?

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Date with One Bill Cunningham

My new mystery man is revealed! Bill Cunningham took me to breakfast this morning. Seriously, he met me at Christie's and took me to one of his favorite morning spots! It was so surreal to talk to him about my life (he was really interested in how my internships worked) and hear about his life within the fashion community. Ever the gentleman, he paid for breakfast and brought me an editorial book he wrote a while ago. It was so hard not to get caught up in his jokes and adorable mannerisms. I even felt a little like a tag-along when he stopped to photograph some women or when people stared at us. (Didn't you know Ms. Stranger? This is my this is my best friend, Bill.) But it was amazing to get to be a part of his world for just an hour.

I took pictures of what I wore because I was a little stressed out about that part. But out of respect for his private lifestyle I didn't take any photos of him or us. I just wanted to enjoy the moment and not emphasize his celebrity because that's not why I wanted to meet him. So yes, I could be making it up, but I have the book he gave me to prove that today was real. Pinch me, it was real!

F21 button-down / H&M pullover / flea market collar necklace /
F21 pencil skirt / H&M tights / random find shoes /
flea market and H&M rings / reverse French mani / Bill's book

Back story: My grandpa is related to Bill so he mentioned that I would love to meet up sometime. (Love is an understatement but I try to keep the creepy to a minimum.) Bill is the original street photographer and the kindest man I've ever met. Last spring Zeitgeist produced a documentary on him which gave fashion-lovers a little peek into his modest life. My grandpa has clipped Bill's Times column for me ever since I was little so I couldn't wait to meet the man who took such important pictures.

the documentary

My biggest NYTD dream came true, I can't believe it!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Three New Men in My Life

Well my family was here for part of the weekend and that can only mean one thing: sheer craziness. For those of you who have never met my dad and my two younger brothers, they are awesome and a handful at the same time. I grew up being the only girl in the house but since being at college I think have forgotten just what it's like to live with three grown men.

Feb 17th: The boys flew in and met me at work. Lynn wanted to meet them so I brought them up to the office to say hello. For lunch we at at Tri Tip Grill for some fast-food style bbq. I was surprised that I liked it so much because I'm not a huge bbq fan. We explored the concourse at Rockefeller Plaza for a bit and then took the Top of the Rock tour. This skyscraper experience is supposed to be the best of NYC (even better than the Empire State Building!) I loved the informative videos and mini museum. There were three levels of viewing at the top but we didn't have to pay any extra to go to all of them. Definitely worth it one time.

Since it was Logan's birthday we got fancy Italian at Malaparte in the West Village. The interior was earthy/rustic and the menus were rubberbanded to wooden boards. It was a the perfect quiet atmosphere for the family. After that we picked up Allie and Emily to get ice cream. On our way back we noticed filming happening on E. 9th. Apparently, JT and Carey Mulligan are filming a movie about the music scene in the 60's. Totally stopping back to creep on Justin later this week! After ice cream we all hungout at the apartment to chat and play games. Allie's mom and friend were in town too so it was very cozy!

chandelier at the Top of the Rock / views from above /
lovely art deco detail on the Rock / truffle pizza from Malaparte

Feb 18th: My dad got tickets for the 9/11 Memorial Site. The atmosphere was really reverent and a little sad but I appreciated it. I would love to go back when the museum opens. 

For lunch we stopped at Chelsea Market, of course. The weather was pretty chilly so grilled cheese and soup from Hale and Hearty seemed perfect. Afterwards, we made our way up to Times Square to do all the touristy things. Not my favorite place in the world but there is definitely lots to see. On one street we walked by the How to Succeed in Business Theater and spotted a huge crowd waiting for someone. I heard strains of Jonas Brothers songs and guessed it could only be one person—Nick Jonas. We waited for a few minutes but he never came out. Logan was pretty bummed about that one.

Emily met us for dinner at The Ember Room. By far one of my favorite dinners in New York! Glittering tassels and rough wooden walls set the mood for an intimate but affordable dinner. The food was excellent and presented well—you should stop by! For the entertainment part of the night we went to the National Comedy Theater for some live sketches.

9/11 Memorial Building / Lego Store life-sized dragon /
ferris wheel in Toys R Us / waiting for Nick Jonas / the Ember room

Feb 19th: Met my family at Hillsong NYC and then trekked to Brooklyn for pizza and gelato sundaes at Forninos. We took pictures down by the river and popped in a few shops. I discovered that Logan is my new favorite person to take pictures with, he's just so funny (sorry Dad and Mack). The boys had to leave mid-afternoon for their flight so I went home and crashed for a few hours.

oh seventeen year-olds

Feb 20th: Emily and I had made mani/pedi appointments at Jeniette's Day Spa. They were very thorough but I felt like my manicurist was a little mad at me for whatever reason. My backwards French turned out pretty well though. Emily wanted to try Nanoosh and Rice to Riches for lunch so we sampled hummus and rice pudding. Both were really good but Rich to Riches' interior was crazy! With floating tables and circular motifs, it's a must-see. We also celebrated Cincinnati by trying to re-create Skyline cheese coneys but it just wasn't the same.

 poor picture of my black and silver mani

Hope your weekend was equally eventful!

Ps. The three new men refers to my dad and brothers OR Justin Timberlake, Nick Jonas, and someone I will reveal tomorrow. Stay tuned!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

That Day All About Pink Things

Maybe it's ironic that I celebrated Valentines Day this year more without Adam than we ever have together. He's not a huge fan of the holiday and I'm laid back about it. But my roommates and I decided to plan the perfect date for ourselves since the four of us would be together anyway. We made French toast for dinner (complete with chocolate peanut butter, bananas, and agave maple syrup) and had candy and macaroons for dessert. We also splurged on movie tickets to see The Vow. One of my roommates loves Channing Tatum, but I won't mention any names...

Ps. My friend Jazz sent me a wonderful Valentines care package containing a cupcake kit, candy, and pink cookie cutters. Definitely used those to make my French toast appropriate for a romantic date.

French toast / VDay cookie cutters / Sweethearts / cupcake kit

Hope your day was full of pink glitter as well!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Dress Code

Since Adam mailed me my camera charger, Emily took some real photos of me where you can see my entire body in one shot! I know it's really overwhelming, but you're just going to try to have to take in all of me at once. I actually wore this last Monday, but getting photos off a real camera and then editing them takes much longer than using my iPhone and Instagram.

I braided my hair into a milkmaid updo loosely following this tutorial.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Favorites

Hi! It's Friday, Friday! I'm extra excited about this weekend because I have some special visitors. But more about them later. Without further ado, I give you Friday Favorites:

missing my small group / Bahn Mi /
new watch / NYFW / these weird kids I know

On Tuesday I planned a Bible study for my small group kids wayy back in Cincinnati. It was pretty fun to make a handout on prayer and think about what I would tell them if I were there. I got to tap into some of my more playful graphic design talents designing materials for the study. I even went as far as hand-lettering them a sign and pic messaging them like it was ninth grade. (As you can see, I am the perfect example of a mature leader.) They made me a sign too! See it here. While working on my study, I ordered a delicious Vietnamese sandwich from Boi Noodles. If you've never had Bahn Mi you are missing out on the sandwich of a thousand flavors. Now you're mouth is mad at you for missing out. Go get one.

This is the perfect watch I found at Century21! I love that I only paid $20 for this rose gold and lucite timepiece. As I mentioned, getting it fitted for my wrist was as simple as paying $5. The lucite is great because clear matches anything.

Fashion Week, I know, blah blah blah. Let me just say that New Yorkers dress up everyday but there are some real lookers during this particular week. Such a fun experience! Even the newspapers couldn't stop talking about it.

I'm actually related to Bert and Ernie, believe it or not. Truthfully, I'm only related to the kids wearing the Sesame Street hats. My family is coming to visit today! I can't wait to see Mack, Logan, and my dad. We have lots of fun things planned so I'm sure I will have plenty to report on Monday after the long weekend.

Have a great one!

Monday, February 13, 2012

All About Me

My roommates must hate me. Everyday when we get home I ask them to take pictures I don't know how style bloggers do it, I just feel really selfish every time I ask! I think the key to being a successful fashion blogger is finding a photographer, waiting til he falls in love with you, and then making him your slave boyfriend.

Anyway, I wore this on Saturday when we were running around town. (I apologize for the excessive belted dress combos. I guess a fake waist just reads "I'm so stylish" in my head.)

F21 jacket / AA scarf / H&M sweater /
UO dress / Target belt / H&M sweater tights /
Capezio leggings / F21 boots