Thursday, December 20, 2012

Color Cravings: Birthday Blisses

People often ask me if I dislike having a birthday so close to the holidays. I actually love it because it's never forgotten and I can ask for twice as much loot as the typical person ;) In high school I especially liked the assurance of my special day being over break. Now that I'm in college I've realized that it can be hard to round of a group of friends to celebrate when most of them are out of town. However, this year I'm determined to age in style. I'll keep you posted on my plans!

As I was thinking about things I would love to get for my 23rd birthday this year I realized they fall into two categories—practical (soccer cleats, a never-fail straightener) and pampering (monthly subscription to beauty samples, new TV sourcing system because I'm addicted to a good plotline). This is probably an accurate depiction of my personality—extremely practical and responsible with an adventurous and indulgent streak. Oxymoron? Maybe, but that's me!

Nike Teimpo Mystic IV FG/ Roku LT /
BirchBox / "I Love Your Style" by Amanda Brooks /
Earthwise Slate Women's Classic
/ Chi Earth Collection Shooting Star

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