Friday, January 4, 2013

Resolving the Year

Merry Christmas, Happy Birthday to me & my blog, and Happy New Year! Did I miss anything?

Christmas dinner with my dad's church

Although everyone was traveling for the holidays I got to spend time with with some of my favorite people in Cleveland, Cincinnati, and Toledo over break. Christie also came with me to Cincinnati and Toledo for some birthday and New Years adventures. Let's just say we decided that playing Spoons with markers is a lot more...interesting for everybody.

bonding with SnapChat

I'm not one for making and keeping promises to myself but the beginning of the year is always a good place to start. Here's a peek at my New Years resolutions:
Use a budget more effectively. I have a spending habit! Just ask my therapist closet.

 compulsive sweater shopping at Target

Exercise for an hour twice a week. Right now I call it a good week if I do yoga once for twenty embarrassing.

currently planted on the couch with Carri & Bonsai. great start!

Make a decision about my future job! I praying that things look clearer at the end of January.

future job prospects: sitting on some babies with the bestie

Get married. Okay, this isn't really on my list. Just making sure you're still with me!

Picked this stud for my future husband. 

I sincerely hope your holidays were filled with the wonderful joy of Christ, family, and friends!
xoxo Kendralala

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