Thursday, December 13, 2012

Color Cravings: Christmas Wishes

Usually bloggers post holiday gift guides to give you ideas for the special people in your life. Since only people I know read this blog, I don't want to reveal the gifts I'm giving! Instead, here are some ideas of some gifts that I would love to recieve ;) I will let you in on one secret though: the coral, aqua, and gold color palette seen below is a hint to how I've been wrapping my gifts.

I used to get really disillusioned about my financial state when I would see wishlists comprised of three-digit priced gifts posted on other sites. But as I was building my own today, it all clicked. They are called wishlists for a reason—in a world without restrictions these are the things I would buy for myself. I don't actually expect my family to get me shoes that cost as much as ski pants. Or ski pants that cost as much as shoes...I'm not sure which is more of a leap. Anyway, enjoy perusing my dreams and desires! And if you need help making your own list, check out Wishlistr for a simple way to keep your friends and family updated on your latest favorite things.

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