Friday, June 22, 2012

Fancy Food, Car Rides & More Brides

More about the past few crazy weeks!

Monday: Adam wanted to spend some time with his family in Cleveland so we grabbed dinner at his aunt's house and hungout at Bradly's little league game. The weather wasn't that great but it was nice to see his family, they are some of the kindest people I have ever met. Since it was Mack's actual 19th birthday we ate a second dinner at his favorite Mexican place. Adam and I got to enjoy another night catching up and enjoying the random couch on my front porch. I like to call my dad's house in "The Bachelor Pad" because of the funny way it's devolved since I've been gone at college.

 Adam, me and Caitlin (his cousin)

Tuesday: For the millionth time this year we packed all of our (Adam + my) stuff in my car and headed somewhere. I kind of like that most of our relationship has consisted of trips but it also makes me feel a little like we don't have a home...Anyway, we stopped in Granville to take Adam's mom out for her birthday. We got to try a fancy new Italian place called Bella. Of course I got their mac n' cheese and of course I didn't regret it. Lee Anne showed us her new cows—she almost has an entire farm collection!

 mmm mac n' cheese / cashmere goats

After barely staying two hours in Columbus we drove to Cincinnati. I moved in with Aaron and Emily to "chaperone" them before their wedding. This was great because my apartment was no longer available for my use and Emily really wanted to completely move into their new house. Emily set me to work on a million wedding things and the week moved faster than ever.

 I wasn't lying about the streetfood / that's a hotdog

Wednesday: We spent the afternoon at the hotel pool that Emily's family was staying at. I enjoyed the few hours of relaxation since I had spent the morning cutting out paper elements for the wedding and trying to remember which suitcase contained which item of clothing. I had been pretty much living out of my car for a week and I was sick of it.

Adam took me on a date to Abigail Street on Main Street. We also got lunch at Mayberry so I felt extra spoiled that day. Abigail Street has small plates so we ordered three interesting dishes and a wine flight. Adam actually loved the Bordeaux which was impressive! He also agreed to see Snow White and the Huntsmen even though he was dying to watch Prometheus. I liked the movie because it was visually stunning and unexpectedly twisted. However, the plot wasn't that great and kind of secondary.

 making serious decisions / wine flight

Thursday: It felt like I spent the entire day preparing for the bachelorette party: driving between O'Bryansville and Clifton, tracking down tables and chairs, making food, cleaning, and calling everybody. By some coincidence, nineteen girls came so we had to move it outside. Melissa had connections at Senate so we scored most of the restaurant for dinner. Senate specializes in gourmet streetfood and is my favorite Main Street restaurant so far. We took our bride-to-be back to our apartment's outdoor patio for dessert and drink pairings and presents. Everyone wrote Emily encouraging notes and I think she was really blessed.

Friday: Aaron took Ashley and I to the reception hall (St. Elizabeth's) to open the doors for the rentals. We ended up setting up all the tables and chairs based on the detailed diagram Emily had designed. A lot more helpers showed up and we spent most of the afternoon setting up for the wedding. Somehow I made it to the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner clean and on-time. The dinner was on the upper balcony of the Rookwood in Mt. Adams so it was private and gorgeous. It took a total of three hours to get all the food out to us for whatever reason though. The wedding party and guests entertained themselves with gifts and photos of the city at sunset. Aaron's mom made all of us custom wristlets with burlap and lace details. They were my favorite part of the night.

 table layout / at the Rookwood

I'll post a little about Emily's wedding next!

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