Sunday, June 24, 2012

Summer Vacation

So, some of you may have read my last few posts and have been confused because they mention Adam a lot. I've received a lot of messages and texts in the past week so I know most of you are now aware that Adam and I broke up. I considered writing a post about it but out of respect for Adam's privacy, I think I won't. I don't mind talking about it in person though, so if you are concerned or want to chat, feel free to call me.

 Lake Michigan at Maranatha

Also, since I have been settling in at Maranatha all week, this will be my last post on The City Chroma for the summer. I have a new blog you can read called Song Chaser in which I plan to share my summer experiences with you. I started a new blog because I have to turn in a project to prove I was on a service trip at the end of summer. I'm still working on documenting my first week but I'm excited to share everything God has been putting on my heart with you!

Have a refreshing summer,

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