Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday Favorites

 Happy Friday! Here are the things I've been excited about lately:

new bag / addictive reading / Once / Greek yogurt

A few weeks ago I wrote about my obsession with neon bags here. Since I can't afford the one that I want I grabbed this neon piped version from Aldo for $55. Not cheap but a fun take on fluoro to tide me over until I can buy a Cambridge satchel.

I finally started the first book of the Hunger Games series. I actually finished it about 8 hours after starting it—it's a quick read. I'm trying to hold off on the other two books until my roadtrip in a week but it's driving me crazy. But I know if I start them I will do nothing but read until they are finished. Adam and I plan on going to the midnight premier on March 22nd in San Diego. I've also been doing some stalking and found these ideations by famous designers for Katniss's fire dress. Finally, if you love a good theme song, check out this guy's playlist for the first book. To me each song perfectly describes each major event in the book. Spoiler alert! If you haven't read them yet he annotates the songs with what happens in the book.

Remember how I saw my first Broadway musical this week? Well two days later I saw my second. Emily really wanted to see a show so she begged me to try for lottery tickets to Once all week (the Theater District is really close to where I work). I figured I would have to show up every day for a week but I won on the first try! Lottery tickets (for Broadway) happen when a show is going through two weeks of preview showings. Two and half hours before each show they let anyone enter in a drawing for up to two out of twenty available tickets. If you win you still have to pay for the tickets but you get a significant discount for good seats. I wasn't sure how I felt about Once at first, but by the end of the show I was in love with the main characters and original music. All the actors play the instruments for the show so there is no orchestra. You can even order a drink at the on-stage bar before the show. Guess I'm going to be addicted to Broadway from now on!

Speaking of addictions, I might really be addicted to Trader Joe's honey Greek yogurt. I've had like four bowls of yogurt, granola, and bananas in the past two days. Oops.

Finally, I'm looking forward to hanging out with Lizz and Emily who are visiting on a Fine Arts trip this weekend! I'm so excited they're in town, hopefully we can spend Saturday together.

Have a fun weekend obsessing over the Hunger Games (I know I will),

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