Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Love(ly) Weekend

It's been too long! I'm sorry I took such an extended break from posting. Things are getting really busy because I leave New York in, eep, ten days! But I knew I needed to post when Adam asked me why I hadn't. (I think he secretly wants me to write a post all about him. I'll humor him this one time ;)

March 1st: To keep my mind off of Adam's arrival later that night, Amy and I took an Advanced Beginners Contemporary Ballet class at Capezio. This was a dumb decision on my part because I've never taken Contemporary before so I'm obviously not in the advanced category. This was reinforced by the fact that I was sore head to toe before the class was even over. Walking was a real project all weekend.

Benny Ninja teaches at my dance studio!
Remember him from ANTM?

Adam's plane was set to land at 11:20 pm and in a last minute decision I decide to meet him at the airport. Thanks to a good quarter of the subway lines being under construction it took me over an hour and a half to get to La Guardia in Queens. Mental note: don't bother waiting for the bus out there. It could take an hour. I wandered around the airport for a while trying to find the right gate until someone grabbed me from behind. Nope, I didn't get mugged, but my wonderful boyfriend somehow found me before I found him! Sneaky guy. We didn't get home until 2 am thanks to more senseless delays.

I owed Adam a BLT for every day he stayed in NYC because of an old bet we had. So, starting at 2 am I made him a sandwich. Cooking together is something we really miss so he ended up helping me rather than just watch.

 2 am snack

March 2nd: I woke up feeling like someone dropped an anvil on me and dragged myself into work a bit late. Luckily, Adam rescued me for an early weekend around two. We grabbed Bahn Mi subs and set off for Grand Central Station. I thought it was absolutely stunning, it's amazing how it's maintained it's class over the years. The new Apple store on location respectfully utilizes the stairs and archways as a showroom rather than implanting their usual glass storefront. We also wandered up through part of Central Park. And by part I mean we walked forever and still only covered a fourth of the grounds.

 pretty chandeliers / crazy tall windows / center of the station

Since Adam is German and loves a good plate of spatzel, I treated him to dinner at Edi & the Wolf. It was a long wait for the awesome back room so we sat at the bar. But we got star treatment and the interior was just as interesting up front. Pricy, but excellent Austrian food. The day was long and rather expensive, so we stayed in with the first Mission: Impossible movie and a dessert order from Insomnia Cookies.

March 3rd: Of course, I had to show Adam Chelsea Market because I'm not very original with my planning. When we had seen everything we picked up a hazelnut Ronnybrook Milk Bar shake (highly recommend it!) and strolled along The High Line. And by strolled I mean found the nearest open reclined park bench and sprawled out. But we really did get some exercise in when we walked all the way back to my apartment.

 enjoying the sunshine

I took forever picking out the perfect skirt ensemble (you've already seen something similar so I didn't bother taking pictures) and then we taxied off to Eatery for dinner and a show. I got Mac & Jack which is baked mac n' cheese. Nothing spectacular, but Adam's eggplant ravioli was superb. The highlight of the day was going to Wicked with Adam. Seeing a musical on Broadway and learning the full story of Wicked have been two mental goals of mine for a while. Somehow, without my ever saying so, Adam knew what to do to help me accomplish both things! I wonder what else he can read in my mind...Anyway the show was great—I was most impressed by the set and costumes. Glinda was pretty talented too. Adam really enjoyed everything as well.

March 4th: After Hillsong NYC, Adam, Allie, Amy, Emily, and I met Tyler, Erin (Amy's sister) and Nick for brunch at the Sunburnt Cow again. It was even more fun with tons of friends! Witnessed a few people running around in inflatable fat costumes. Not sure what that was about. Lazed around the rest of the day until I dragged Adam to Pomme Frites and our favorite ice cream shop. I'm such a healthy eater.

All in all it was a great weekend. Adam, thank you so much for coming and making it extra special. You're so wonderful to me :)

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