Saturday, April 28, 2012

Adventures in Babysitting

While I'm at school, I have a part-time job babysitting for a local family. I got the job by setting up a profile on SitterCity, a safe babysitter's network. Kelly contacted me over a year and a half ago about her two boys and I stopped by for an interview. Obviously, things worked out because I now help out once a week. Although I am one of many babysitters that they use, I always feel like family when I come over. Kelly and John are so caring and always ask me about Adam or school. Sometimes they treat me to Coney Island or the Cincinnati Zoo so I can hangout with the boys more. Andrew is four and loves playing hide n' go seek or solving puzzles. Will is seven and since I have known him loves "army guys" and superheros. His latest kick is Indiana Jones and Lego Batman. I'm so thankful that I have such a flexible, fun job to help me get through college! This opportunity showed up at the right time in my life so I know it was God.

A few Fridays ago I ditched homework to go to the zoo with the boys. We saw the giraffes (Andrew's favorite) and the elephants (Will's favorite). The zoo also has a great passenger train that takes people around the park and over the pond. Of course the boys had to go so we waited in line with slushies.

 A & W riding a rhino / peacock glory
/ Andrew & me on the train

This past weekend I set up a fight between the good guy and bad guys with Andrew. He told me to make a fence so I lined up all the Lego, Playmobile, and GI Joe fences I could find. We then proceeded to blow each other up. The bad guys (me) won because Andrew lost interest and let a bomb blow up his camp.

fence between good and evil /
evil Dr. Clocks-a-Lot and his A-bomb

Kelly mentioned that her family wants to vacation in San Diego this summer. Conveniently, Adam is living in San Diego until August so I told her we could help them find a vacation home. She said that it might work out for me to go to San Diego with them to help with the boys and get a vacation! It would be a dream come true if I could visit Adam for a week and hangout with this awesome family.

In other babysitting news I watched Billy and Julie's baby, Henry, for an hour the other day. He is such a happy baby! He's the only four-month-old I know that really loves books and tries to turn the pages while I read Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? Henry also thinks he can walk because if I support him he moves his feet and expects me to march him across the floor. I hope I get to babysit him more.

Finally, Emily has a friend who is looking for a babysitter for her two-year-old daughter this summer. I haven't babysat a girl in a long time so I am really starting to hope that I will end up in Cincinnati this summer and can help them out.

I hope to have news about what I will be doing this summer by Thursday of next week...Stay tuned!

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