Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Resume Me

It has been a crazy two weeks. When I'm not running off to work, studio, or soccer practice I'm working on homework, a project, or spending precious time with my favorite people. Being gone the past few weekends has made my workload seem even bigger.

Since co-op interviews are coming up, my portfolio and resume have been constantly on my mind. I spent a lot of time refining my projects last quarter but my actual portfolio book was pretty disappointing. Since this is my last chance to get an internship through UC (not to mention that I now have access to all the senior jobs and a chance at a six month position) I have been feeling a lot of pressure to have an awesome book. Fortunately, I am working with one of my professors to unify my personal brand in Seminar. This includes my resume, portfolio, portfolio website, blog, and business cards. My ideas are still taking shape but I'm really excited to get my act together. It may be in a few months, but be prepared to see some changes 'round here.

In the meantime, I finished my resume and portfolio for interviews is almost done. We don't officially submit our work until Monday but I already have an interview with Apple! I met with them last quarter so I'm a little nervous that they won't think I have enough new work to show. But they are interested in taking three seniors so I'm very hopeful. I've also interviewed with CityBeat and Hyperquake and hope to hear back really soon...I could see myself working at all of these places!

 You can view my resume here.

Stay stress-free kids,

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