Monday, April 23, 2012


Soccer has begun! Our second official game is tonight. My team is mostly comprised of people from the Navigators so that makes us awesome. Our pregame chants and pink tees also make us awesome.

As a thank you for being part of my team (this is my fourth year as an intramural captain) I always make my teammates shirts. This year I chose pink because I knew all the boys would love it (it was the only color that came in a quantity of eighteen). I only had time to paint the back of the tees but three years has given me a quite a bit of practice. If you want to make people believe you have awesome screen printing skills, follow these instructions:
  1. Type up the numbers you want to use in your selected typeface in Word or InDesign. To save printer ink, outline all the numbers. If you are making soccer jerseys, the back numbers should be about eight inches tall and breast numbers around four.
  2. Print out your numbers (with plenty of space between) on sticker paper. Staples carries an affordable brand.
  3. Cut apart and remove the inside of each number.
  4. Slide a piece of cardboard between the t-shirt before you begin.
  5. Measure about six inches down the back of the shirt and center the sticker before you apply it.
  6. Using a sponge brush, apply and let dry three coats of fabric paint. I like using white on dark colored tees.
  7. Before the last coat is completely dry, remove the cardboard from the shirt so that it doesn't get stuck to the fabric.
 finished work / my lucky number

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