Thursday, May 3, 2012

Flying to You

Today I'm flying to San Diego to see the boy. We decided that we would try to see each other every five weeks while he and I live in separate cities. Although sometimes I just want to see him NOW, I truely believe that long-distance has been great for us. We have good conversations on the phone, silly skype dates, and send each other the occasional gift. (He sent me a huge box of chocolate when he realized you can order food on Amazon.) When we can see each other every night feels like date night and we plan quality activities rather than just staying in with dinner and a movie.

 an oldie but a goodie

Our plan for the weekend is to see The Avengers at midnight (2 hours after I land), go to a shooting range (I have no idea how to shoot a gun), visit the famous San Diego Zoo, and explore the beach. We'll go out for a nice dinner and also cook some meals together. I'm excited to see what he loves about California and meet his friends from church and work. This mini vacation is more than welcome after my past month of portfolios, intervies, and tedious animation projects.

While I'm tanning on the sand I'll think of you,

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