Friday, May 11, 2012

Sunning in San Diego

As I mentioned, last weekend I flew to San Diego to see Adam. It was probably hilarious for my roommates (Carri and Emily) to watch me run around like a chicken without a head the days before I left. Like superwoman, I plowed through piles of homework, packed for any type of weather, and sent out Emily's shower invites.

 Kendra + R + Ms. = Kendrarms

Thursday: Emily dropped me off at the Cincinnati airport (conveniently located in Kentucky) and I flew three hours to Denver and another three to my destination. Almost straight from the airport, Adam and I headed to the Avengers premiere. Captain America, complete with gages stood in front of me at the concession line. I guess I should rethink premieres in California since we always get out around 6 am my time.

Friday: Adam planned a romantic date for us at the shooting range. It was pretty intimidating to stand between the two guys with shot guns but I managed to fire through the center axis of the target pretty consistently. Adam thoughtfully took me to Caffe Bella for some delicious Italian and the best Sauvignon Blanc ever. I ordered my all-time favorite, hand-made gnocchi.

 locked and loaded

Saturday: We splurged and went to the famous San Diego zoo for the day. They have skybuckets and double-decker bus tours to get you around the park! And the zoo has so many animals. We must have seen four types of flamingos alone. There's also a two-story outdoor escalator, not sure what happens with it when it rains.

 skyfari / leopard / zebra / flamingo

Sunday: After church, we drove out to Point Loma to see the old and new lighthouse as well as play in the tide pools. The view of the bay and city was breathtaking, we were so high up! The tide pools were a lot lower and very treacherous to climb down to. The tiny crabs and snails in the pools fascinated me and I wanted to stay forever.

 San Diego Bay / tidepooling

Since we had seen the island in the middle of the bay we wanted to check it out. We drove over a tall, curving bridge to Coracabo. Although it was way too cold to swim, the beach was gorgeous! The island is covered with adorable shops and restaurants as well as the most perfect beach houses. I will totally move to San Diego if someone buys me a million dollar beach house to live in. Hotel del Coracabo is like a palace, there's even a shopping concourse underneath. Luckily, we found a Mexican place in our price range with some cozy outdoor seating.

 Hotel del Coracabo / Miguel's

The weekend was crazy and I arrived home on Monday seriously jet lagged and behind on life. But it was great to spend time with my boy and see more of the West Coast.

 O' Hara, coming home

I didn't get much of a tan,

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