Monday, January 23, 2012

Being the Priviliged New Yorker

I may not have a lot of money but working at Christie's can get me perks at quite a few places!

Jan 17th & 19th: I took more dance classes. The Advanced Beginner class was really hard and I had to work my butt off to keep up. I think I'll alternate between Advanced and Intro for the rest of the time I'm here.

Jan 18th: Emily and I went to Hillsong NYC's Exchange night on Wednesday. The first service filled up too quickly for us to get seats so we got ramen at Tarakawa Ramen to wait for the next one. Ramen, it turns out, is not just a 95 cent package of salty noodles at the grocery store. Ramen is a giant bowl of flavored noodles with veggies, meat, and other goodies added in. There were so many types at this place! I'm not very good at remembering Japanese names but the kind that we had was pretty good. Unfortunately, I had to eat the whole thing with chopsticks which was a giant mess. The service was pretty good. We met a girl from South Africa who was majoring in dance at Alvin Ailey, which is pretty awesome! She was really great to talk to, hopefully we can hangout with her again.

ramen with all the goodies

Jan 20th: As a special treat my roommates and I went out to eat at Fig & Olive. We made reservations weeks ago for Restaurant Week. Restaurant Week is when restaurants all over NYC fix their dinner prices at $35 for a special selection of things on their menu. Drinks are extra but you are guaranteed three courses. I ordered truffle mushroom soup, a seafood trio in a braise, and bowl of chocolate. The truffle soup was pretty amazing. And the pot of chocolate was the best dessert I've ever eaten. I think it was creamy caramel/chocolate covered in cream and served with a hazelnut praline. I definitely regretted my decision to wear heels that night, the Meatpacking district is mostly cobblestones. Ironically, we stopped at a shoe store on the way back to our apartment and I bought a pair of heels. Guess I'll never learn.

 chocolate pot

After our decadent dinner we hungout at the Horse Box again and played Scattergories. We also thought it would be a good idea to go out in "disguise." We're adorable, I know.

 Allie & Emily / Me & Amy

Jan 21th: I went to a museum! Using my awesome Christie's ID I got Allie, Emily, and myself into the MoMA for a total of $5. The art was so great but we only got through 3/5 floors. I took lots of photos and some of my favorites are below. Please forgive me for not knowing all the artists!

Starry Night / Jackson Pollock / Monet / Maholy-Nagy

stunning textures and patterns

After the museum we used my Rock Privileges Pass to get a discount at 'Wichcraft in the concourse under the Rockefeller Center. They have really interesting sandwich combos. We had wanted to go shopping but we kind of ran out of steam when we realized Macy's was eight levels. We did stop at Uniqlo finally but found its perfect organization really overwhelming. Is this how Japan looks?

spinning mannequins / holographic rainbow stairs

I think we all intended Saturday evening to be low-key but a mini house party just sort of happened. Amy's sister Erin stopped by with a few friends and Emily's friend Tyler popped by. Things were pretty entertaining for a while. When Erin & crew headed out Tyler led us in a rousing game of Quelf.

Jan 22th: I felt pretty sick so I slept in instead of going to Hillsong NYC. Mid-afternoon Emily and I ventured out to Kate's Paperie and a few other errands. It was nice to come home to Amy making us macaroni and cheese! I thought wings would be the perfect side so I ordered delivery from Atomic Wings. They took an hour and a half to come, even though they are just around the corner from us. I'll admit they were good though. Trader Joe's cupcakes finished off the night. Yum!

peanut butter filled chocolate cupcakes, get these!

I apologize for posting a day late, the internet has been terrible the past few days.
Much love, Kendra

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