Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Today I realized that I am a terrible designer. Both of my camera batteries were dead and I brought the charger for a different camera to New York. So prepared at all times. Since I had already cleaned our room, I did what any sensible person would and whipped out the iPhone. Here is Emily's and my room:

 Bed—our bears are buddies.

Dresser—admitted polish addict.

Closet—our joint collection of scarves.

Mossimo the dragon—hoarder of all things Disaronno.

The rest of the apartment was pretty messy so I didn't think it deserved pictures. Maybe one day when I have a charger and a spare hour I will clean it til is shines like the top of the Chrysler Building and then snap away like the paparazzi. Besides all the pretty wood and 1000 mirrors, I would say it looks like an extra tiny Clifton apartment. I'm truly living the glamorous New York life we all see in the movies. Note: Emily posted the pictures our landlord took of our apartment. Visit her blog to see them!

Other news: Started work at Christie's on Tuesday. There's a million secret passwords and special key cards I need so I'm afraid to log onto anything or leave the building. My co-workers are really friendly and have lots of advice about the best places to go in NYC.

front entrance with a poster for the Elizabeth Taylor auctions

After our first day of work, Emily, Amy, Allie and I braved the 15 degree weather and ate at the Hummus Place. I was a little bummed that I didn't order actual hummus because Emily's dish was amazing! Overall the food was authentic Middle Eastern and we all enjoyed it. Finally stopped at Butter Lane and inhaled a banana cupcake with honey cinnamon frosting. So. Good. Survived a hectic shopping trip to Trader Joe's with Emily tonight. Since it's the cheapest market in Manhattan, everyone comes after work and the checkout line wraps around the store. Buying bare essentials is difficulty because food is essential, right? Maybe Emily and I invented the new wedding diet—move to NYC and be unable to afford to eat.

Coming Posts:  
  1. More about working at Christie's including photos. I'm in the process of writing a New York must-do list for my supervisor so I will make sure to post that when it's finished.
  2. Favorites. Occasional posts about things that I decided I can't live without.
  3. Dress code. I love style blogs so I really want to post a few of my outfits. Dressing warm and trendy in the city is proving to be tricky.
  4. Am I missing an important aspect of my life you are dying to know about? Let me know!
To my Calhoun Small Group:
Girls (annd the boys)! I miss you already. I was thinking about small group yesterday and large group today. I hope you all are well and if you have any time I would love to hear from you! Praying for each of you dears.

Write to you again soon,

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  1. We miss you, too! Sounds like New York is awesome! Super jealous, can't wait to go! Love you!