Sunday, January 8, 2012

Weekends Are for the Warriors

Hello! I have lots to share about this weekend.

Jan 6th: After work Allie and Emily met me in the Times Square District for margaritas and Mexican food because it was Friiiday! We had cheesy appetizers and guava margaritas at Patron Mexican Grill. It was a spur of the moment pick but they had a deal on drinks and the atmosphere was fun. After dinner ventured over to Rockefeller Plaza for the last night of the tree lighting. The lights in the trees were beautiful and there was this awesome digital snowstorm on the side of an adjacent building. Lots of people were milling around and ice skating in spite of the warm weather. 

 Radio City / the Rockefeller tree / lights around the skating rink

We decided we wanted to enjoy the night out so we stopped by our apartment to change and headed to 2A for drinks and free popcorn. They didn't have any popcorn, but the 2-story place was an interesting take on a dive bar. Too pricy for a return visit I think. On our way home we stopped by Two Boots Pizza for a late night snack. It reminded me of Cosmic Dave's without the sandwiches. Lots of characters about in the East Village at odd hours!

Jan 7th: We met our friend Kathryn at Chelsea Market for some browsing. I fell in love with the rustic interiors and unique restaurants. 

 various lighting within the market

We sampled flavored olive oil, vinegar, and salt at one place. I must say, taking a shot of oil— even if it sorta tastes like blood oranges—takes some getting used too. 

 flavored salt at the Filling Station

The four of us decided to split Jacques Torres chocolate chip cookies. I shouldn't say "chip" because I'm pretty sure they just drizzle their signature chocolate in the batter, yum! We also discovered a inexpensive, fresh grocery store at the market that I want to come back to when I need more groceries. 

 produce variety at the fresh market

The High Line park is on top of the market so we walked along it for a few blocks. Rooftop gardens are my new favorite outdoor space! Kathryn then led us through lower Chelsea and SoHo to some great boutiques and a park. I was the most excited about visiting Diptyque, a candle boutique. They are best known for their typographically incorrect packaging, ethereal scents, and 120 hour burn life. Perfect for my candle obsession, not for my wallet.

 sand art in the park / cookies the size of my face in SoHo

Our last stop before crashing was at a hair salon to try something I've always wanted to do (pictures tomorrow). The three of us returned home for some ravioli and a low-key night. I allowed my over-worked legs to get some rest by reading a lot. Seriously, I better come back to Ohio in fabulous shape because we walk everywhere. Too bad all this food kind of counteracts the exercise.

Jan 8th: Allie wanted to show us her church Forefront, which just so happens to have amazing free bagels. I think the secret ingredient was salt—excellent! I really enjoyed the worship and the message about watching your words. Convicting. 

After the service we gradually made our way to the Warby Parker Christmas Extravaganza. (I really don't understand how they can change the subway stops/close down certain lines on the weekend, it's extremely confusing!) Warby Parker is an eyeglasses company that specializes in vintage-inspired frames. For every pair you buy they will give a pair of frames to someone in need. I'm a sunglasses type of gal so my favorite was the hexagon shaped, greystone Mable. However, at this point in my young life I can't quite justify spending $95 on sunglasses. Maybe after a few paychecks and some budgeting...But Allie needed prescription lenses so she placed an order. 

 Confetti System streamers / darling Mable sunnies

On the way home we stopped for Gimme! Coffee and errands at Kmart. I'm so baffled by supermarkets in the city. They're so...contained? And they really stick out. There was a street art installation in the square nearby. Colored zip ties around telephone posts made them look like rainbow porcupines.

happy lamp posts

Our final stop was at Kiehl's where my hands berated me for being too poor to afford nice things (i.e. expensive hand lotion). Added to the When I'm Rich list. Emily and I dropped Allie off at the apartment and then ran to...another salon! More about that adventure later.

Amy finally came home to us while we were making dinner. I think I ate four meals at home this weekend! Look at me, saving money in New York. Allie and I obeyed our sweet teeth (or, toothes?) and picked up some 16 Handels (terrible movie reference) before racing home to watch Once Upon a Time. The four of us crammed onto one futon in front of our dinky TV is quite a sight to see!

Coming Up Next: So all this talk of salons has probably got you really worried about what I've done to myself. Never fear! I plan to post our makeovers and weekend outfits tomorrow. I think we all look pretty magical, can't wait to share it with you!

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