Sunday, January 15, 2012

Adventure Time

It's been a week since I posted about our recent activities. Lots to tell:

Jan 11th: During my lunch break at work I went to the Capezio flagship store to get dance wear. Taking a dance class consistently is on my NYTD list. I felt like I really needed a leotard, tights, technique shoes, legwarmers, and dance shorts so I spent a little too much. But after putting money down I knew I had no excuse not to take a class.

I was sick of avoiding the cold so Amy and Allie decided we would go to Dumpling Man, a tiny restaurant specializing in Chinese dumplings. I got soup dumplings which are cooked with broth (as well as the usual meat) inside. When you bite into them all the soup floods out so you have to eat them from the top down. I'm the world's least-neat eater (say that 10 times fast?) so I didn't master the technique. They were yummy nonetheless, especially dipped in green curry sauce. My favorite part about the place was that the little dumpling icon looked like a little smiling man. Happy things make great branding!

handmade dumplings / adorable menu

Jan 12th: After work I mustered the courage to sign up for a single class at Peridance Capezio School, which happens to be three blocks down the street I live on. They offer any type of dance you can think of. All I wanted to take was ballet but it was tempting to see the long list of styles. They have open classes for many different skill levels. A single class is $17 but I figured if I liked it I would get a ten-class pass that cuts the individual cost down to $14. Since it's been six years since my last classical ballet class, I opted for a beginner's section. Granted, I did take nine years of ballet, and have a lot of experience from dance team and choreographing, but I also know I have less than perfect technique and am out of shape.

The class was a really nice experience. It was at a basic enough level where I could pick up the moves quickly and then focus on my turnout and balance. The instructor helped me notice where I was weak but he applauded me for actively fixing it. I really liked the studio and I plan to sign up for slow intermediate classes next week. Hopefully I can go every Tuesday and Thursday. It's so nice to know I don't have to miss ballet anymore.

We watched the People's Choice Awards when I got home. I LOVE awards shows, no matter how cookie cutter they always are.

Jan 13th: Since Emily had a long day at work we knew we wanted to go out. After a few misses on the other side of the East Village, we ended up at the Horse Box, less than a minute from our apartment. The atmosphere was welcoming and less hectic than the other places we had checked out. They had this really frustrating game where you try to loop a hoop on a hook. All my roommates beat it except me. On the way home we stopped for late night pizza because you have to do that when you're in New York.

Horse Box with my roommates / having lots of fun

Bonus: A stranger informed me that plaid was definitely my color (I was wearing my winter coat). My best response was that I didn't know that plaid was a color...and laughed in his face. Oops, guess I'm not that polite when I'm being hit on. Beware strangers!

Jan 14th: Amy, Emily, and I stopped by a paper store, a shoe store, and Club Monaco for some light shopping. Then we headed back to Chelsea Market to browse and get produce. Of course we stopped at Anthropologie and I magically found a pair of frames for $10! I also got one of the Capri Blue candles I've been wanting forever. We ate lunch at the Lobster Place for lobster rolls. Really expensive but pretty tasty. I wonder what lobster rolls are like in Cape Cod...

glittery paper at the paper store

Jan 15th: Today Emily and I visited Hillsong NYC. I never knew there was one in the States! It was pretty wonderful, we got poptarts during the break and the music was captivating. The message was pretty different but I found myself paying attention more than ever. Hopefully we can find a small group there that works with our schedule!

After church Emily and I met Amy for brunch at Ciao for Now. We got free orange juice and fruit with any brunch item. I got huevos verdes because I love huevos rancheros so much. It wasn't as amazing as my favorite dish but it was still pretty good. I think I should make brunch a major meal in my day more often. We had to squeeze in more shopping because we couldn't carry all our groceries yesterday. (It feels like I'm constantly shopping here...more about that later.)

Tonight we plan on eating Secret Recipe Chili and watching the Golden Globes/Once Upon a Time. Yayy for awards season!

Sadly no museums this weekend, but I plan on going to MoMa very soon. Also, I have tomorrow off of work so I plan on getting a lot accomplished in my life.

Hope you all are doing well!

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