Sunday, January 29, 2012

Braving Brooklyn

Hi from NYC! How was your weekend? Mine was pretty interesting.

Jan 24th: Lynn offered to take me to an art gallery event at the National Academy Museum after work. I took full advantage of it to browse some contemporary art and network a little.

Emily had to work late at Rockwell so Amy and I stopped by Pomme Frites to bring her some gourmet french fries. It was probably the best fast food meal I've had here so far. I ordered Belgian fries with lemon dill mayo and it was so intoxicating I couldn't even eat all of it. It was fun to hangout with Em as she finished work and see what a New York design office looks like.

Jan 27th: Friday turned into a crazy work day when my catalog deadline suddenly materialized. I had about four hours to lay out eighty-five pages, which was insane. I was more than ready to meet Allie and Emily for a city-wide worship night. The service was set up a little more formally than I was used to but I was blown away at what God showed me. It was convicting to see that selfishness is a contagious disease in this city. It made me realize there is so much opportunity for compassion and generosity for everyone I walk by. It was definitely a thought I attempted to act upon all weekend. After the service we got dessert at Vive la Crepe. It definitely made me miss Cincinnati's It's Just Crepes, which are cheaper and filled to the brim with goodness.

Jan 28th: So we made the decision to jump the river and brave Brooklyn. I really had no idea what to expect, but it was really fun! We took the L train one stop east, which is crazy because I always forget how close Williamsburg is. Emily took us to Blue Bottle Coffee for cappuccinos. Their branding is unique and their coffee is hand-dripped and rich. Coffees in hand, we strolled down to peek at Manhattan through the bars of a really annoying fence. We also stumbled upon the Artists & Fleas market. I was instantly obsessed with the fantastic hand-made jewelry and eclectic clothing. Amy and I bought tiny brass rings because I saw the trend here. I also dragged the girls in to the Crossroads Trading Company for some quick thrifting. Three items for $24! I only vaguely remember low prices like those from my Ohio days...haha. Emily took us to Catbird and Papél for some design inspiration.

cappuccino / Manhattan from Brooklyn / inside the market /
typographic sign for the market / paper planes in Papél

When we finally made it home, I ordered some Indian food from someplace that did not compare to Deep India. Cincinnati food, I miss you! And all my Cincinnatians too, of course. We nursed our disappointment with David Tutera and ice cream. I'm so thankful for Netflix. Ps. Emily did a magic please-work-internet dance and the internet guy showed up! It's now working perfectly.

rain dancing

Jan 29th: Grabbed an amazing bagel sandwich (salted onion + sun-dried tomato) from Pick-a-Bagel and dashed to Hillsong NYC. I love the music and the message more than ever, I think I would move to Manhattan just for the spiritual depth—and yes, I know that sounds like a contradiction! But I really could see one direction of my life going here. I definitely dress like a Brooklyn girl though, I stick out like a sore thumb among the classy Christie's crowd.

Now, who wants to live in a brownstone in Williamsburg with me? Kendropolis


  1. So fun. I didn't know you had a blog! Hope you're having a great NY Monday!

  2. Yeah, I started one for my time in NYC. Thanks! I love your blog btw :)