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As promised, I am going to give you a glimpse of life at Christie's! It's going to be a little vague because I can't reveal any internal information. Also, as an employee of Christie's my opinions are strictly my own and do not reflect on the company. (Got that from Amy.)

One thing to know about New York is that although people like their jobs, they go in late and stay late. So although I don't get in to the office until 9:15. it's not unusual for the workday to start at 10 for everyone. I only work 35 hours during a normal week so I get to skip out the door around 5:30 everyday. My poor roommate Emily has been working from 9–9 this week because of a huge project and that's just the norm at design offices in NYC.

I sit in a cubicle with my coworker Manu. He's on the digital design team and really helpful if I have questions about anything. My boss's name is Lynn and she always has ideas about what to do in the city. She's given me three magazines and sent me many emails about awesome stuff. Taking complete advantage of this!

reading assignments for work / a little piece of Landor
in my drawer / millions of PANTONE books in the office

In the morning I walk by the mailroom and pick up the Creative Service's mail to distribute. It's nice because I enjoy saying hi to everyone. Around 1:30 (when New Yorkers eat lunch), Joyce and Chaz stop by our area to ask us to pick up lunch. I've only gone a few times because I'm trying to save money but the food is always good. Once we went to a Vietnamese-fusian food truck for grinders and another time we went to Fresh Day. Fresh Day has everything from salads to sushi, and Korean food to patty melts. I got a Korean type of salad that has beef and rice in it. Pretty amazing. I love that most people in the city are into eating ethnic because quiet honestly, American food can be boring. I'm not a steak person, sandwiches are blah, and I have to be in a funky mood to crave a hamburger. Maybe I should have been born in the Middle East...After we pick up lunch (because almost no one packs besides me) most of the creative team eat together. People always ask me about myself or where I've been exploring lately. Then everyone gives me a hundred ideas of where to go next. I can't keep track of them all but Chaz told me he's making a restaurant list and a fashion list! People also like to ask me about life in Cincinnati; why do we love chili? I'm not a true Cincinnatian so it's hard to answer most of their questions but it's pretty entertaining.

 Joyce getting food at the Big D's Grinders

The funniest conversation I had at lunch was with Manu, who was trying to list of super cheap dinner places in the Times Square District. "...oh, and Chipotle! That's a really cheap place to get a delicious meal." I cracked up and he got all defensive, "Hey! I'm not ashamed that I like eating at inexpensive places! Have you ever been there? It's sooo good." When I stopped laughing I explained to him that I have been to Chipotle countless times because it's a chain. He looked a little surprised at that. Joyce also asked me if I had ever been to Arby's...maybe in the big city people don't realize what is commercial vs. what isn't because everything is heavily marketed.

But my co-workers are really nice and I enjoy eating lunch with them. I probably have no room to poke fun because I am this wide-eyed little girl in a whole new place. I've done plenty of dumb things like pronounce Manu's name wrong repeatedly and get lost on my own floor. They're really gracious and welcoming and I really appreciate it.

So far I am working on designing text and layout styles for a new project we are working on. Right now it feels like I'm the only one designing the whole thing, but that could change as we get near the deadline. It's been good for me because all my work is very detail-oriented and specific. It can be frustrating because I hate to mess up but I think I will come out a better designer.

I work in the Times Square District which is the center of New York. It can be really crowded and touristy but there's an Anthropologie and J. Crew right outside my building. Also, everything is always decorated really beautifully for the holidays. And best of all, 30 Rock is across the street! I'll let you know if I run into Tina Fey.

outside of the gallery entrance /
beautiful ET displays / NBC studios across the street!

Hope that answers all the work questions!

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