Monday, January 30, 2012

Dress Code

Today I convinced my roommates that we deserved french fries because it's Monday. Pomme Frites + wine = excellent beginning to the week.

I also decided I need more bracelets and rings in my life. Arm parties make any outfit better!

bracelets from Macedonia, and AE / Ring from UO /
Glamour Purse Essie

Happy Monday!


  1. Flea markets have the best jewelry here.

  2. Bracelets and rings are always perfect for any fashion. I always prefer them . The accessories increases the standards of our look. It is beautiful to see also. and attractive. I love white party dresses

  3. It's really true that arm parties makes any outfit better. But , I love to be careful about my outfit in every parties. So , I choose any fashionable dress of mine like bestnon iron dress shirts or another one. And bracelet is my favorite. I love to collect diffent types of bracelets. And then enjoy the parties. We also have done well. It was pretty good. Excellent.