Saturday, January 21, 2012

Friday Favorites: Suprise Edition

Today's Friday Favorites is called the surprise edition because I got lots of unexpected gifts this week. I also thought it would be an appropriate name because, surprise! It's not Friday! Hahha.

1/2 letters from my lovely friend Lizz

 a four-tier cookie package from the Schultz family 

 Trader Joe's flowers


I got so much mail this week! Lizz wrote me a great five-pager about everything I'm missing in Cincinnati. And the family that I babysit for in Cincinnati sent me a care package of Cheryl's cookies! Don't know how I'm eating 50 cookies in the next few days but they are delicious. I also go my first paycheck last night, which I was expecting mid-Feb. It totally justified my plans to go shopping this weekend. Emily bought us really pretty flowers from Trader Joe's. They really brighten up our apartment.

I also got a confirmation email for MARTHA tickets! Ahhh! Emily and I are going in two weeks. I guess this is the last season so it should be amazing. The tickets were free, I just had to apply for them. I totally leveraged Emily's plans for a DIY wedding and I think they loved it.

Finally, this morning I woke up to snow. I'm not really excited about walking around in it. But I do admit, after not seeing snow for a month it's very pretty.

Have a wintery weekend!

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  1. so glad my letter made it to the blog! miss you lots!