Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Lazy Weekend

I have very little to report was a pretty lazy weekend. Besides catching up on TV shows and reading I ate a lot. And no one is going to make me feel guilty about it because I have a pretty busy few weeks ahead.

Feb 24th: Amy, Emily, and I treated ourselves to organic burgers and milkshakes at BareBurger after work on Friday. We all had bad days throughout the week so it was nice to get out because our previous solution had been self-medication with wine. We also visited some adorable designer puppies at a petshop on the way. We played with a poodle-chihuahua combination that was basically a head stuck on a puppy rump with too much energy. She liked the taste of my boots—lucky me that I'm poor and they aren't real leather. But she was darling all the same and cried when we had to leave. Gosh I need a dog! But it wouldn't be fair.

 The Rancher (or something like that) / unnamed Poo-Chi at the pet store

Feb 25th: Aaron was back in town so on Saturday we went out to unlimited Australian brunch at the Sunburnt Cow with him and Tyler. This accomplished a major NYTD goal because we had been trying to go for weeks. We were getting really annoyed that the eight girls next to us got free shots with their check until we realized we all get them. Even if you hate straight shots, Lemondrops are pretty tasty.

 sign / interior back room / brunch menu /
crab cakes and poached eggs

Amy invited me out to dinner with Erin and friends so I got experience the festive atmosphere of Milon. Every inch of the inside is covered with rainbow lights and chili peppers. They also hit a special party button when it's time for your check to come and an Indian version of happy birthday plays while the lights flash. It happened at least six times while we were there. We got tiny bowls of ice cream with the check too! So many bonus things :)

 crazy lights inside

Feb 26th: On Sunday, we had an Oscar viewing party with our studiomates Robin, Nick, and Michelle (who are on the West Coast and Cincinnati) via group texting. With the help of some Oscar Bingo cards we competed for free dinner. Unfortunately, I didn't get the first bingo :( But it was great to talk to them and comment on the award show! My plan is to actually see The Artist or The Descendents this weekend.

 filling out my bingo card

I have a surprise visitor to announce tomorrow! I know you all are just holding your breath. Well, you'd really better be.

Ps. I'm so glad my roommate Allie is back from Cincinnati. It felt very empty with the three of us during the week she was gone. Yay Allie!

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