Friday, February 10, 2012

Dress Code: Fashion Week

Instead of Friday Favorites I am going to post what I wore to work yesterday in honor of NYFW. I'm trying to be better about taking photos of my outfits because I often jump into sweats as soon as I get home. Also, I'm not a model and I feel really awkward asking people to photograph me. Anyway, hope you find some Fashion Week inspiration!

thrifted flannel shirt / Target belt /
F21 maxi skirt / AE ring

After work on Thursday I decided to stop by the Lincoln Center to see what the atmosphere was like. All the shows were done for the day but it was wonderful and surreal to stand in the plaza and take it all in. Yes, I am a nerd who gets excited about everything but I'm just so thankful to get a taste of something that I've been following for years. What a great opportunity being in New York is!

 NYFW sign / various buildings in the Lincoln Center plaza

Hopefully more stalking to come,

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