Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Biggest Bowl of Them All

Hello from the winners of the Superbowl :) Okay, yes, I am totally pretending to be a Giants fan while I live in New York. But it was so nice to feel like I belonged to a winning team for just a day (sorry Browns).

We had a Super Bowl party! I made football cake pops loosely following this recipe. They took a long time but they were totally worth it. Allie made buffalo dip, Amy made fried pickles and blooming bread, and Emily made Skyline dip! We invited friends from all over Manhattan and fit about twelve people into our tiny apartment. We also came up with a new living room arrangement for optimal flat-screen viewing.

the crowd / football cake pop / new setup

Jan 31st: I worked at Christie's from 9:30 am to 12:30 am! My big project's deadline was the next day and I had to finish the layouts.

I did take a break to dash off to my blow out appointment at Frederic Fekkai. I would have skipped the appointment to stay at work but it was for a student practice session and once you, as a hair model, sign up you can't cancel. A guy named Kevin blew out my hair (I forgot to take pictures!) and then gave me his info in case I ever needed a blow out for free. He said he really wants the practice, and I was like score! If you ever are in New York, sign up to be a hair model at a salon because you will get tons of free or cheap hair procedures. The Fekkai salons were really nice but I thought it was funny that they come across as a luxury brand because I know for a fact they are owned by P&G (thank you Landor for my bottomless knowledge of all things Procter & Gamble).

at the salon

Feb 1st: I stayed late at work again, but got home in time to go to Big Gay Ice Cream with Allie and Amy. They have gourmet soft serve ice cream! Mine was called the Salty Pimp and had salted caramel and chocolate on it. I recommend soft serve therapy for anyone who has to work late.

Feb 3rd: You already heard about our Martha adventures. After a casual dinner with Allie, she, Amy, and I went out to meet my good friend Nick for drinks at the Sixth Ward. We got to meet some of his friends and catch up, which was really nice. On the way home we decided we needed Two Boots Pizza and Ben & Jerry's. I really eat wayy too much here.

Feb 4th: Amy and I ran some errands to prep for our Super Bowl party. This included browsing at the Union Square Greenmarket. They sell marvelous fresh things like flowers and bread there. I grabbed some hot cider and a cheese turnover, a decision I don't regret.

dried wreathes at Union Square

It wasn't a crazy weekend because I think we're all mentally preparing for the slew of visitors we will have in the next month. Hope you enjoyed the Super Bowl and don't forget kids: World. Peace.


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