Saturday, February 11, 2012

Putting On My Blogger Disguise

So I did it. I crashed a fashion week event. Sort of. Yesterday I discovered it was Blogger's Night Out (how did I never hear about this?) in New York. Allie, Emily, and I applied for invites but I'm pretty sure they don't give those out on the day of. So after work Allie and I showed up anyway. I had another wardrobe crisis and took over an hour to get ready but we actually made it to the event before it ended. Somehow we got in past the doorman but the minute I saw 300 lipsticked, top-knotted bloggers crammed into a tiny space I froze. Under good circumstances I can be quite outgoing but after a long week at work I wasn't quite up to the challenge of getting past the check-in point to the second room of bloggers. Still, it was cool to be there for a bit and observe. It definitely makes me realize that there is a huge stereotype for bloggers that I need to watch out for.

Final outfit choice:
Madewell tee / F21 belt / F21 skirt /
H&M tights / lucky NYC shoe find

where the party was held / proof I was there

It's okay, you can call me a wimp. I'm not really sure what qualifies me as a true blogger but I still feel like I have a lot to learn if it's something I ever want to do seriously. Only time will tell...

Night kids!

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