Sunday, February 19, 2012

That Day All About Pink Things

Maybe it's ironic that I celebrated Valentines Day this year more without Adam than we ever have together. He's not a huge fan of the holiday and I'm laid back about it. But my roommates and I decided to plan the perfect date for ourselves since the four of us would be together anyway. We made French toast for dinner (complete with chocolate peanut butter, bananas, and agave maple syrup) and had candy and macaroons for dessert. We also splurged on movie tickets to see The Vow. One of my roommates loves Channing Tatum, but I won't mention any names...

Ps. My friend Jazz sent me a wonderful Valentines care package containing a cupcake kit, candy, and pink cookie cutters. Definitely used those to make my French toast appropriate for a romantic date.

French toast / VDay cookie cutters / Sweethearts / cupcake kit

Hope your day was full of pink glitter as well!

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  1. I'm glad you already put the cookie cutters to use! :)