Monday, February 20, 2012

Three New Men in My Life

Well my family was here for part of the weekend and that can only mean one thing: sheer craziness. For those of you who have never met my dad and my two younger brothers, they are awesome and a handful at the same time. I grew up being the only girl in the house but since being at college I think have forgotten just what it's like to live with three grown men.

Feb 17th: The boys flew in and met me at work. Lynn wanted to meet them so I brought them up to the office to say hello. For lunch we at at Tri Tip Grill for some fast-food style bbq. I was surprised that I liked it so much because I'm not a huge bbq fan. We explored the concourse at Rockefeller Plaza for a bit and then took the Top of the Rock tour. This skyscraper experience is supposed to be the best of NYC (even better than the Empire State Building!) I loved the informative videos and mini museum. There were three levels of viewing at the top but we didn't have to pay any extra to go to all of them. Definitely worth it one time.

Since it was Logan's birthday we got fancy Italian at Malaparte in the West Village. The interior was earthy/rustic and the menus were rubberbanded to wooden boards. It was a the perfect quiet atmosphere for the family. After that we picked up Allie and Emily to get ice cream. On our way back we noticed filming happening on E. 9th. Apparently, JT and Carey Mulligan are filming a movie about the music scene in the 60's. Totally stopping back to creep on Justin later this week! After ice cream we all hungout at the apartment to chat and play games. Allie's mom and friend were in town too so it was very cozy!

chandelier at the Top of the Rock / views from above /
lovely art deco detail on the Rock / truffle pizza from Malaparte

Feb 18th: My dad got tickets for the 9/11 Memorial Site. The atmosphere was really reverent and a little sad but I appreciated it. I would love to go back when the museum opens. 

For lunch we stopped at Chelsea Market, of course. The weather was pretty chilly so grilled cheese and soup from Hale and Hearty seemed perfect. Afterwards, we made our way up to Times Square to do all the touristy things. Not my favorite place in the world but there is definitely lots to see. On one street we walked by the How to Succeed in Business Theater and spotted a huge crowd waiting for someone. I heard strains of Jonas Brothers songs and guessed it could only be one person—Nick Jonas. We waited for a few minutes but he never came out. Logan was pretty bummed about that one.

Emily met us for dinner at The Ember Room. By far one of my favorite dinners in New York! Glittering tassels and rough wooden walls set the mood for an intimate but affordable dinner. The food was excellent and presented well—you should stop by! For the entertainment part of the night we went to the National Comedy Theater for some live sketches.

9/11 Memorial Building / Lego Store life-sized dragon /
ferris wheel in Toys R Us / waiting for Nick Jonas / the Ember room

Feb 19th: Met my family at Hillsong NYC and then trekked to Brooklyn for pizza and gelato sundaes at Forninos. We took pictures down by the river and popped in a few shops. I discovered that Logan is my new favorite person to take pictures with, he's just so funny (sorry Dad and Mack). The boys had to leave mid-afternoon for their flight so I went home and crashed for a few hours.

oh seventeen year-olds

Feb 20th: Emily and I had made mani/pedi appointments at Jeniette's Day Spa. They were very thorough but I felt like my manicurist was a little mad at me for whatever reason. My backwards French turned out pretty well though. Emily wanted to try Nanoosh and Rice to Riches for lunch so we sampled hummus and rice pudding. Both were really good but Rich to Riches' interior was crazy! With floating tables and circular motifs, it's a must-see. We also celebrated Cincinnati by trying to re-create Skyline cheese coneys but it just wasn't the same.

 poor picture of my black and silver mani

Hope your weekend was equally eventful!

Ps. The three new men refers to my dad and brothers OR Justin Timberlake, Nick Jonas, and someone I will reveal tomorrow. Stay tuned!


  1. Your dad told me about your blog a week ago and I am really enjoying keeping up with your adventures. Loving the updates on all the places you eat at...makes that Kraft mac and cheese Gigi and I eat look really boring. Ha, ha! So glad you are enjoying the glamorous life. :-)

    Lisa Flosdorf

    1. I'm glad you like it! There are so many restaurant options here...I'm going to come back to Ohio double the size I was! Miss you all so much!