Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Date with One Bill Cunningham

My new mystery man is revealed! Bill Cunningham took me to breakfast this morning. Seriously, he met me at Christie's and took me to one of his favorite morning spots! It was so surreal to talk to him about my life (he was really interested in how my internships worked) and hear about his life within the fashion community. Ever the gentleman, he paid for breakfast and brought me an editorial book he wrote a while ago. It was so hard not to get caught up in his jokes and adorable mannerisms. I even felt a little like a tag-along when he stopped to photograph some women or when people stared at us. (Didn't you know Ms. Stranger? This is my this is my best friend, Bill.) But it was amazing to get to be a part of his world for just an hour.

I took pictures of what I wore because I was a little stressed out about that part. But out of respect for his private lifestyle I didn't take any photos of him or us. I just wanted to enjoy the moment and not emphasize his celebrity because that's not why I wanted to meet him. So yes, I could be making it up, but I have the book he gave me to prove that today was real. Pinch me, it was real!

F21 button-down / H&M pullover / flea market collar necklace /
F21 pencil skirt / H&M tights / random find shoes /
flea market and H&M rings / reverse French mani / Bill's book

Back story: My grandpa is related to Bill so he mentioned that I would love to meet up sometime. (Love is an understatement but I try to keep the creepy to a minimum.) Bill is the original street photographer and the kindest man I've ever met. Last spring Zeitgeist produced a documentary on him which gave fashion-lovers a little peek into his modest life. My grandpa has clipped Bill's Times column for me ever since I was little so I couldn't wait to meet the man who took such important pictures.

the documentary

My biggest NYTD dream came true, I can't believe it!

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