Saturday, February 4, 2012

Friday Favorites: Surprise Edition

Sorry for the lack of posts this week, it's been a little busy. But in spite of having to stay at work pretty late some nights, I would say this week has knocked my socks off.

1. Sometimes I just love how much junk food we eat at work. I got to pick out a co-worker's birthday cake at Ben & Jerry's. They have amazing ice cream cake flavors, get the Chocolate Therapy and the Americone Dream.

2. Adam made me the best care package ever :) He sent Skyline, chocolate, the Mission: Impossible trilogy, and a wonderful note. He did forget my camera charger, which was the reason for the package in the first place, but I don't really mind.

Skyline chili / MI 1–3 / Oreos /
Dove caramel chocolates

3. My copy of The Hunger Games also shipped to Christie's. I have to read the first one by the time the movie is released, but my roommates say it won't be hard.

4. Lizz sent me another letter and my aunt and uncle sent me a New Years/birthday card. I seriously love mail. Even if you sent me a pair of your dirty socks I would be excited to get the package in the mail!

5. Finally, today Allie, Emily and I went to the Martha show. We had specific instructions to dress colorfully. I had a mini-meltdown because I live in neutrals. It was a whole production; we had to show up early and wait in the cold, then we had to be inspected for bombs and stalker presents. They also kept telling us the same things over and over. It seemed to be important that we never stand in front of any doors of any kind. Ever. We also had this really entertaining guy cracking jokes and handing out presents every once in a while. I almost had a heart attack when he whipped out the Haper's Bazaar book as a gift! I was screaming and trying to stand up but he gave it to some girl that I'm pretty sure doesn't even know that it's a magazine. Fail, next time I'll jump him. The show itself was alright but I enjoyed all the hype leading up to it more. I would, however, recommend it; we got swag bags and cookies at the end! If you watch the show look for me on Feb 12th, center front row.

ticket / studio audience / studio setup / valentines candy
in pretty glass jars / the outfit I finally settled on / presents: Organizing,
journal and page markers, and Floriole Bakery cookies

Have a great weekend everybody,

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