Sunday, February 12, 2012

Whirlwind Weekend

Thinking back on this week I got to do some really cool things! You already heard about my fascination with Fashion Week but here's some other things I experienced:

Feb 7th: I got the extreme privilege of going to the Jewelry department, which is kept under lock and key for obvious reasons. Lynn asked me to do some photography research so I was allowed to use the books in the Jewelry library. I was thrilled to glimpse the gorgeous cocktail rings and diamond collars strewn all over the table I was working on. I should have gotten up the nerve to ask to try something on but I didn't want to be that annoying intern. The books I got to borrow were equally stunning, I wanted everything from the Cartier showbook.

beautiful photography and amazing jewels

Another one of the benefits of working at Christie's is a pass to the ultra-secret Company Store. I spent all of my lunch break trying to find where it was but it was worth it. If you have a pass you can buy discounted and discontinued Estee Lauder brands. However, they're really strict about checking passes and there are no directions on how to find the store. I was so excited to get in that I bought a Bumble and Bumble hair care kit. It came with awesome pastel bobby pins!

shampoo kit / rainbow bobby pins / styling Allie's hair

Feb 8th: I read about Dylan's Candy Bar in this article so I made the trek after work. It was three floors of mind-blowing candy joy. Everything is brightly colored and covered in sweets. Dylan makes every type of candy from chocolate-dipped Oreos to multi-flavored candy bars. There's also a cafe where you can order sundaes and other treats. I highly recommend it if you love sugar!

 Dylan's branding / candy walls /
unique chocolate flavors

I couldn't stay at the candy store long because I had to make another dance class at Peridance. It once again kicked my butt but I was glad to get a thorough work out. On my way back from class I stopped by Little Poland for some perogies and lentil soup. The women there were really nice and it made me think of my mom and all the wonderful Czech food she used to make.

adorable diner-style Polish cafe

Feb 10th: I fully planed on being at the BNO all night but since it turned out to be a little more exclusive than we anticipated we opted for a late dinner. Allie and I went to Chennai Garden next door to the Caulfield. They specialize in vegetarian Indian food and it was awesome! I finally found a place that tastes like what I miss in Cincinnati. I ordered paneer masala and also we got poori, which is inflated naan bread.

 dinner / enormous poori

Feb 11th: Emily took me to Ess-a-Bagel for a late breakfast before we met Allie in the Fashion District. I got an everything bagel smothered with lox cream cheese, mmm! We found Allie at Elegant Fabrics and then stopped by Mood to pay homage to Project Runway. I admit I know nothing about fabric but I still appreciated the miles of jersey. I just imagine all the scarves I could make out of that fabric...

bagels make the best breakfast / Elegant fabrics /
Mood sequins / so many colors of jersey

Grabbed a some tiny cupcakes from Baked by Melissa. They were surprisingly flavorful for something so small but I think I still prefer regular-sized cupcakes—they last longer.

 aren't they adorable?

After that we went to Century21 and Zara for some light shopping. I'm always impressed with Zara's minimal but beautiful clothing. And I love finding the random good deal there! Century21 was more overwhelming but I picked up the perfect watch. It's getting fitted because I have the wrist of an infant but when I get it back tomorrow I will have pictures. Gotta love the East Village's jewelry stores that charge $5 for a fitting. I also dragged the girls by the Lincoln Center again to gawk at all the people. It's just such a breathtaking atmosphere. We finished off the night with a cactus pear margarita pitcher and enchiladas at San Loco for dinner. I haven't found better cheap Mexican food in NYC than this. Go there!

Feb 11th: Even though I ran a million errands today (and doing that takes a long time in the city) I love Sundays. I usually go to church, pick up some groceries, plan my week, talk to my guy, and chill out with my roommates and Once Upon a Time.

 beautiful Sunday afternoon

Today was extra nice because I got to skype with Adam and plan our adventure to California! I'm so proud of him for getting a great job in a big new city. Also, the Grammys are on and we all know how much I love award shows.

Hope your weekend was good as well!

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